Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Can Happen In A Second

Topic One: What Can Happen In A Second

When you're watching the clock in a tedious meeting or trying to calm a fussy baby on exactly twenty seconds of sleep in the past three days, five seconds can feel like five years. When you're doing something you love and are passionate about or having a great time with friends and family, three hours can feel like three seconds. There are split second decisions that change your life, seconds that you kill, and seconds that will take your breath away. Time is relative and constantly changing everything around you. In the time it's taken you to read this, you're just a little bit different than you were. The world is not the same place it was just a second ago. There are roughly five births and two deaths a second globally. That means that every second you are alive, you are living in a world that has never existed in it's current state before. There is someone new, and someone missing. The average person lives to be eighty one years old. That's two billion five hundred fifty four million four hundred and sixteen thousand seconds. Some people get more while some people get less. There are those who have more seconds than they want, and those that have their seconds stolen from them before they got to truly learn how to appreciate them. But everything you will ever know, everything that you will ever do, every emotion and experience that you will ever have is shoved into those seconds. Your seconds are fleeting, what are you going to do with them?

Thoughts: I really don't like this post as much as I thought I would. It's a good topic that I absolutely did not do justice. Writers block on day one, that's how I start shit around here. 

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